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philosophy & objectives
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Philosophy and objectives

Long-term vision of our company is to develop scope and range of services provided and expand the portfolio of clients from all regions in Slovakia.
Main objective which we have set, besides auditing and book-keeping, lies in providing the client with added value in form of high professionalism and adaptability to his needs.
Our priority is to provide services and consultancy to clients in a way so that they can fully devote themselves to their businesses without being stressed with economic and taxation changes which are very frequent in our legislation.

Our client is our partner who we give our knowledge and experience obtained through successfully executed projects. Range of services provided depends on our client's decision. We are proud to offer solutions of various and complex issues.
Our company employs reliable people who care for the work they do and services they provide. We know the company success depends on professionalism and motivation of our staff therefore we try to create internal environment in which all employees have conditions created for their further education and development.
We expressly and strictly follow the "Ethic code SKAU" and all other laws and regulations valid for auditing and accounting activity performing.


AVA audit®, spol. s r.o. j represents an auditing company. It provides a complex economic service - from consultancy through accounting processing up to a statutory audit of individual or consolidated financial statements. All-round tax consultancy and services related to company labour-law agenda are a matter-of-course.
We help our clients to increase their competitiveness by providing the management with independent economic information essential for their right decision.


Working team of company AVA audit®, spol. s r. o. has been providing economic, auditing and accounting-consultancy services since 1993. That year a Licence No. 71 was granted to Ing. Zlatica Vaníková, the Chief Executive and company owner by the Slovak Chamber of Auditors.

Historical milestones of the company:

15.01. 1993 — establishment of company EKONAUDIT s.r.o. where our key staff began
24.02. 1999 — establishment of daughter company GMV - Audit, spol. s r. o
22.11. 2001 — capital and organizational separation from mother company
19.10. 2007 — change of commercial name from GMV - Audit to AVA audit®, spol. s r. o.
01.08. 2013 — new Head Office: Lazovná ulica č. 71, Banská Bystrica

Certificates and awards

Licence No. 71 issued by the Slovak Chamber of Auditors in 1993

Licence No. 249 issued by the Slovak Chamber of Auditors in 1999

Licence No. 71 on re-training for providing of services in line with international regulations for audit services and ethic standards issued by the Slovak Chamber of Auditors in 2004

AVA audit®is a trademark registered by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic No. 221431.


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