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Legal Information

Operator of website www.avaaudit.sk is AVA audit® spol. s r. o. (hereinafter as "Operator"), which issues these conditions and retains these rights to amend and change them at any time. By entering this website the users accepts these conditions. Should you not agree with these conditions, please do not use this website. Law of property to the website www.avaudit.sk as a subject of intellectual property including their content, files, graphic design and source code are executed in terms of author's act by the Operator. Website www.avaudit.sk, containing graphic and other elements, represent intellectual property of individual members of the association, which undergoes protection under special regulations (e.g. trade marks).
The Operator provides the user the right to use website www.avaudit.sk exclusively for its own need. Any other usage of website or its parts, mainly copying, publishing, distributing or any other use for commercial purposes without prior written agreement of the Operator is forbidden and the user hereby displays itself to a risk of criminal prosecution or claim for indemnification in civil hearing.
The Operator at the same time declares, that all information (texts, photographs, map backgrounds and other data) were acquired from free information sources (information and data subject to corresponding public licences and/or with corresponding statement of the author about free use), from sources acquired after the agreement of the author about usage exclusively on website www.avaaudit.sk and by own production of websites authors. These information are then subject to corresponding authors' acts.
All data and information published herein are informative and have no binding character. Content of this website is provide lock stock and barrel with no guarantees. The Operator does not guarantee about the accuracy and completeness of the website content. The Operator may at any time change content hereof without prior notice. The Operator within its operational possibilities cares for the accurateness and updates of the website content, but at the same time it does not undertake to update it. The Operator shall not be liable to correctness and update of information coming from other sources, neither of the content of the third parties, linked to website www.avaaudit.sk. The Operator is at no case responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by providing, or not providing information and services herein.
Logos, pictures, graphics and signification placed herein are registered trademarks protected by law. Taking over, use, saving, copying, publishing and transferring of logos, pictures, graphics and trademarks are only permissible with a prior written agreement of the Operator and owner of these trademarks. In case of breaching the authors' law and protected registered trademarks, owner of the trademark is allowed to use means guaranteed by valid legal regulations against the authors' law breaker and person expropriating the trademark.
Hypertext Links
Website www.avaaudit.sk may content hypertext links to websites of the third parties. The Operator bears no responsibility for the content of these websites and does not comment on their content, neither the Operator promotes it as its own, as it is out of the scope of its possibilities to influence content of them and hence it is not responsible for the content and information presented on them. These information are only published by the Operator for comfortable use of the user and usage of such websites is at own risk.
Conditions of usage of website www.avaaudit.sk are valid and effective from the date of their publishing. Actual conditions were published on 15. 3. 2009.
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