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Auditing services

Auditing services are provided in line with the Act No. 540/2007 Coll. (valid from 1.1.2008) — On auditors, audit and audit process supervision as amended.

Verification of financial statements consists of auditor's activities leading to expressing an independent opinion to verified financial statements in line with the law in form of an Auditor's report in Slovak, resp. English language.

We provide:

  • audit (verification) of all types of financial statements (in line with the Act No. 431/2002 Coll. on accounting) i. e. audit of ordinary, extraordinary and consolidated financial statements,
  • audit of annual reports and their concordance with financial statements,
  • special audit focused on functionality and effectivity of company subsystems,
  • continuous audit of accounting in quarterly intervals etc.

Besides standard audit we also perform continuous inspection activities focused on following the accounting and taxation discipline with the use of tax optimization legal tools.

Accounting services

Continuously expanding legislative in the field of accounting and tax regulations results in more complicated accounting area.

Therefore more emphasis is put on its credibility as the prime condition for right and quick decision of the management.

It is also necessary to create and keep such accounting system which shall provide all required and useful information in practice.

We mostly provide:

  • regular monthly book-keeping for small and mid-size companies,
  • VAT record-keeping and executing of VAT tax return,
  • assets record-keeping,
  • calculation of accounting and tax depreciations etc.

Free consultancy and continuous tax optimization are a part of book-keeping provided by our company.

We help our clients with keeping of labour-law agenda. The activities cover:

  • elaboration of employment contracts, agreements, notices and other documents related to labour law,
  • preparation of forms for registration, resp. deregistration of employer and employees to relevant institutions,
  • elaboration of wage and working regulations,
  • calculation of monthly salaries according to submitted documents of a client,
  • elaboration of monthly forms for the Social insurance company as well as for relevant health-insurance companies,
  • monthly elaboration of summaries and reports for specific tax office,
  • annual elaboration of a report on tax statement and income of a personal entity from dependent activity and on deducted advance payment from this income,
  • elaboration of earnings record,
  • elaboration of personal file for retirement income provision,
  • quarterly elaboration of statutory statistical statements,
  • elaboration of annual statements etc.
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Tax and financial consultancy

One of our objectives is to assist our clients in increasing their competitiveness by providing the management with independent economic information essential for their right decision. With this intention we provide our clients with tax and financial consultancy.

Our services cover the following activities:

  • preparation of inter-company directives and regulations,
  • setting-up the accounting document flow and their correct booking,
  • consultancy at book-keeping in connection with actual tax changes,
  • solutions of specific tax and accounting cases resulting from applying of tax and accounting regulations of Slovak Republic,
  • consultancy at calculation of income tax of legal entity, natural entity and tax return compilation,
  • consultancy at VAT calculation,
  • consultancy at proprietary relations changes,
  • consultancy at bankruptcy and liquidation of subjects,
  • representing the client in time of tax audit,
  • proposing of tax liability optimization within individual taxes,
  • triangelpreparation of details for feasibility study processing,
  • elaboration of financial analyses and cash-flow,
  • elaboration of various economic expertises, analyses etc.
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